Compleat Administration: Virtual Outsourcing Administration, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Secretarial, Mystery Shopping, Events Management, Databasing, Customer Service
Compleat Administration can offer over 40 services to help grow your business.

Your Compleat Administrator is experienced in the following range of skills and services to help your business;

The services can either be completed at your office or at Compleat's office - find out more information about Compleat's Mobile Office.

Types of Services You Require
Based on your business requirements, you can choose from the following:
  • Long Term
  • Fixed Contract
  • Or Casual

Administration Services
1. Collecting your mail
2. Courier pickup / drop off
3. Faxing - sending and receiving
4. Emails - receiving, sending
5. Receiving website inquiries & orders
6. General administration, paperwork and filing
7. Reception - answering phone, welcoming clients
8. Mail - mail merge from database, letters, emailing
9. General data basing of customers & supplier details
10. Typing - documents, manuals, meeting minutes

Database Services

11. Customer and/or supplier database
12. Set-up and implementation for promotional and marketing

Bookkeeping Services
13. Bookkeeping on computerized accounting system
14. Invoicing customers weekly and sending out monthly statements
15. Contacting overdue debts from customers
16. Paying supplier accounts
17. Banking of customer payments
18. Inland Revenue filing for GST,  FGT and RWT Returns
19. Reconciliations and reports
20. End of year financial's to your accountant

Payroll Services

21. Timesheet template
22. Computerised Weekly / fortnightly / monthly payroll payments
23. Payrun reporting
24. KiwiSaver Deductions
25. Employee payments to IRD (childcare, student loans, overpayments, fines)
26. Payslips printed or emailed

Secretarial Services

27. Typing and design of documents

28. Agreements
29. Letters
30. Meeting Minutes

Customer Services

31. Implementing customer referral / loyalty programmes
32. Newsletter - monthly / bi-annually / annually
33. Set-up of Customer Database
34. Customer Target Marketing
35. Customer Feedback
36. Mystery Shopping ***NEW***
37. Customer Service Evaluations *** NEW***

Marketing Services

38. Target marking to potential customers
39. Marketing to retain current customers

Systems & Procedures

40. Set-up and implementing systems
41. Set-up and implementing procedures
42. Yellow Pages Marketing

Design & Production Services

43. Brochures, Posters, Booklets
44. Business Cards, Letterheads

Event Management

45. Planning and Organizing 

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